Rampart Law Group offers a broad range of sophisticated business counseling and transactional services to domestic and international companies of all sizes. Whether your business is a start-up or established family business, a publicly traded corporation, a partnership or a not-for-profit organization, our experienced and responsive team works to know your business and provide quick, effective turnaround and conscientious follow-through across a full spectrum of business matters. We are passionately committed to working in partnership with our clients to achieve their goals.

General Business Services

Rampart Law Group assists business organizations in all phases of their life and operations from formation to dissolution, business counsel, transactions, negotiations and litigation. We provide advisory services to corporations, limited liability companies, trusts, sole proprietorships, and partnerships in virtually all aspects of commerce.

Our industry experience spans manufacturing, construction, real estate, financial services, retail sales, energy and utilities, public relations, advertising, professional services, and more.


At the outset of a venture, clients seek guidance on forming and establishing the business. Our business attorneys are experienced in offering advice to individuals starting a business venture, and existing businesses that are reorganizing and expanding. We help our clients select the type of organization to utilize for tax and liability purposes and strategize their organizational structure to ensure that it accomplishes their goals and fosters efficiency in operations.

Continuing Operations

Once a business is up and running, our attorneys continue to offer a wide range of services. We represent businesses on a wide range of transactions, from representing buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of businesses or their assets, to the sale or lease of real estate, to negotiating contracts with vendors and customers. We also provide counsel to closely-held businesses in succession planning, so that the owners know how and when to turn over the keys to the business.

Contract Drafting and Review

Our business attorneys are experienced in drafting and reviewing agreements, with a focus on the practical aspects of clients' businesses. The quick-developing industry of cheap contract template has led to a plethora of disputes over boilerplate, inconsistent language - When the terms aren't clear, the terms cannot be efficiently upheld. A well-drafted agreement leaves little discretion to arbitrators or courts. An entity's operating agreement often settles internal disputes before they develop and accounts for a smooth parting of the ways if the owners decide to end their venture. We have significant experience in negotiating and drafting a variety of agreements, from organizational documents to service contracts.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Rampart Law Group advises a variety of clients - from start-ups to multi-million-dollar joint ventures - in a wide array of transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, spin-offs and other significant strategic transactions. Our Mergers & Acquisitions practice helps clients structure and execute strategic transactions. We provide our clients with comprehensive advice and seamless deal execution.

We are passionately committed to working in partnership with our clients to help them achieve their strategic goals. Our M&A practice stands out because of RLG Attorneys' ability to provide assistance in related practice areas such as tax, real estate, renewable energy, private equity and finance. Whether the management team of the seller requires assistance in negotiating equity from the acquirer, or the acquirer needs assistance structuring a leveraged buyout, Rampart Law Group Attorneys provide a complex strategy and efficient implementation of plans that accomplishes our clients' M&A goals.

Employee Relations and Human Resources

The most important and expensive assets of a business is often its employees. Our attorneys bring experience in all aspects of the employer-employee relationship. We negotiate and draft employment contracts and severance agreements. We help businesses draft employee handbooks, including anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies.

Termination and Sale

Finally, when the decision has been made to end the venture, our attorneys counsel clients on the sale or termination of their business. If the business is being sold, we assist with all merger and sale services from the execution of a term sheet to the closing and transfer of business assets. If the business is being terminated, we assist with dissolving the entity with the state and federal governments and winding up the business with the owners.

Outside General Counsel Services

Rampart Law Group attorneys offer outside general counsel services to a variety of businesses, from start-ups that need guidance on a quarterly basis to multi-million-dollar joint ventures that have urgent legal needs daily. Because we have experience in a variety of industries, we know how the industry specific restrictions and regulations affect business decisions at the ground level. We take a holistic approach to our outside general counsel practice, beginning with initial meetings to run through a risk assessment and establishing a workflow management process that meets your strategic goals. After developing a client-specific comprehensive strategic plan with you, we maintain a calendar of meetings and a list of your matters with a timeline for completion. Outside general counsel services often include:

  • Reviewing contracts that you receive;
  • Drafting your contracts including subcontracts, confidentiality agreements, service agreements and much more;
  • Advising you on employment issues including hiring, firing or disciplining employees;
  • Protecting your Intellectual Property;
  • Attending internal business meetings and providing operations advice;
  • Ensuring that your business is compliant with all applicable regulations for your industry;
  • Drafting your employment agreements, employee handbook and code of ethics;
  • Helping identify potential acquisition targets;
  • Negotiation real estate leases as well as real estate purchases and sales; and
  • Supervising your other legal counsel.
Each client gets the benefit of a strategic advisor that is familiarized with all aspects of the client's business. Our attorneys stand ready for daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly calls to provide guidance as your company reviews its goals and business strategy.