Trusts & Estates

Trusts & Estates

Rampart Law Group's Trust and Estates practice assists individuals in planning for how their assets and loved ones will be taken care of when the unexpected occurs. Estate Planning is not just for the wealthy; almost everyone needs estate planning in some form or another. Nevertheless, so many people express wishes verbally to their families, but don't follow through with the proper legal planning necessary to carry on family values, keep the peace in their families and provide financial security for their loved ones after they are gone. Rampart Law Group is here to help.

Estate Planning

An estate plan is a collection of tools that, when taken together, work to protect your interests. These tools include a will, testamentary trusts, living trusts, a power of attorney and a healthcare proxy. Knowing which tools you need, and how to use the tools together, is integral to protecting your assets and family when you are incapacitated or gone.

Rampart Law Group takes a hands-on approach to estate planning, commencing with a questionnaire and meeting with the client to ensure the estate plan is tailored to your desired outcomes and goals. Once we understand your desired goals and outcomes, we develop a plan designed for you and prepare documents that support that plan. After your plan documents are finalized, we arrange for execution of the documents and implementation of the plan.

For all estate planning clients we offer regular reviews of and updates to estate plan documents.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning

Rampart Law Group attorneys have extensive experience dealing with estate and gift taxation. While federal laws have increased the unified credit for federal estate and gift taxes, some states continue to tax estates as low as $1,000,000. Careful planning and implementation of a well-developed estate and gift tax plan can minimize or eliminate these taxes.

Our hands-on approach allows us to assist individuals and corporate fiduciaries in creating plans and implementing them, and to assist beneficiaries in understanding the rights and restrictions to the wealth being transferred.

Trust Administration

When a loved one dies and they have a trust, the process of trust administration will need to be undertaken. Many lawyers make trust administration appear simple at the time their client signs the trust document without fully explaining what will need to happen after their death. This is dangerous because often the client never discusses trust administration with the designated Trustee.

Rampart Law Group offers clients an opportunity to have a "family meeting" where all the major details of the trust are discussed with their chosen Trustees. The person or people that will serve as Trustee need to understand what should happen at the time of death of the person creating the trust.

Probate Administration

Probate is the legal process through the court system through which all of the debts and assets of a decedent are reported to the court. When assets are located in multiple states, it may be required to open probate in each of the states. Rampart Law Group handles probate cases, large and small, to help clients through the court process with minimal interruption of the grieving process.

Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning is the process of preparing to transfer control of a business to another person or business entity. The main objective of most business owners is to transfer the business to a third party in a way that minimally disrupts business operations and that maintains or even provides for enhanced valuation of the business for the owner transferring the business, but many business owners also desire to pass the business to a related party to keep the family business alive and thriving.

Rampart Law Group's sophisticated corporate and tax practices support the estate planning practice to develop a business succession plan that supports valuation, continuous business operations, and tax advantageous transfers.