Real Estate & Development

Real Estate & Development

Rampart Law Group's Real Estate practice assists individuals and businesses with obtaining site control, developing a property and selling properties throughout New England.

Our attorneys are equipped to address real estate matters throughout New England, from acquisition of a single-family home to development of a 50-unit commercial building.

Real Estate Acquisitions

Rampart Law Group's Real Estate practice conducts closings on real estate for residential and commercial uses. Clients range from individuals, to investment realty trusts and institutional lenders. Our attorneys assist clients from negotiation offers to purchase and purchase and sale agreements, to closing the acquisition. For acquisitions of commercial properties, we handle closing deliverables and negotiation of title exceptions. Our Banking & Finance practice assists real estate clients with obtaining, negotiating and closing commercial loans in connection with the acquisition of real estate.


Rampart Law Group attorneys handle leases for tenants, landlords, subtenants and lenders. These include leases ranging from agricultural use open land to solar rooftop leases. We assist owners and lessors with the drafting, negotiation and execution of office, retail, industrial and residential leases. We assist lenders and development financiers with due diligence review of leases in connection with land purchases and project development.

Residential and Commercial Development

Rampart Law Group attorneys bring a wealth of experience to clients engaged in residential and commercial developments, from drafting of a simple deed or master deed (for condominium projects), to reviewing construction contracts for clients using a third party to develop the property. Our Banking & Finance practice assist clients through all stages of real estate finance, including phased construction financing and post-stabilization refinancing of real estate.

Zoning and Land Use Planning

All developments require some level of land use planning, as developers must understand the local, state and federal restrictions on how their real estate may be used. Though most land use planning is done at the municipal level, there are some very important state and federal restrictions and obligations that must be understood to avoid unnecessary risk or delays. Rampart Law Group attorneys assist builders, developers and individual property owners with navigating these restrictions, including splitting lots and obtaining the necessary municipal approvals.

Clearing Title

Establishing the status of title to property is one of the most significant issues in real estate because it establishes ownership of the property. Rampart Law Group issues title policies and works with clients to clear encumbrances on title. At each closing, we review the encumbrances on title of the real property and discuss them with our clients, whether we represent the buyer or seller, and with the lender, if the purchase will be funded by a loan.